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My future lifestyle

October 3, 2011

In 10 to 15 years I will be working for a company called Studley. I will have to wear a suit to work every day, but on the weekends I will wear a collard shirt and jeans. I will drive a Nissan GTR, but I will also have an SUV of sorts. I will most likely live in New York, because there is a lot of business there, and Studley is a commercial real estate company. I will likely live in an apartment, nothing too special, but I will have a house in Colorado to go snowboarding in the winter, and a small house on the inter coastal in florida so I can have a boat. Even though I will be making a lot of money, hopefully, I will still be relatively frugal in some aspects of life, maybe because I am Jewish, who knows. I will most likely continue to do jiu jitsu when I am older, but I may have to take up golf for the business aspects.

If I were to read a magazine it would either have to do with cars, or money. The car magazine would have to mention all of the new cars coming out in the future, and which ones are the best buys, and the best in all around performance. For a magazine about money, I would like to read about new and upcoming businesses. Also, personal stories from billionaires, and how they made their money. In addition to that, the magazine could possibly mention some stocks that are likely to go up, and new ideas relating to the stock market, real estate, or just business in general.


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