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Forbes magazine visual – journal 5

October 6, 2011

A young man with a determined look in his eye stares you down as you look at him. Surrounded by nothing but a gray background and a few words, his perfectly fitted suit is complemented by a white collard shirt, with the top button open, and a stylish skinny tie hanging loosely around his neck. His left hand closes the top button of his suit jacket, showing that he is ready to go out and tackle the world. This man is Sean Parker, and his is standing on the cover of Forbes magazine. This issue is entitled “The Richest People In America” and Sean Parker exemplifies the role of a young entrepreneur, and the new age of Internet riches.

Right away there are 18 pages of advertisements, then there is the table of contents, and then there is an advertisement about every other page on average. The products advertised range from high average priced products, to very high end products, there is nothing mediocre in this magazine. This magazine is aimed at very successful, and wealthy people, as well as people who are on their way to success.

As I flipped through the pages I stumbled upon a black page with the text “Back In Black.” There was nothing else on the page it seemed at first, but them I saw a black credit card with the words “Black Card” on it in the bottom right corner of the page. Underneath the card there are a couple lines of standard 12 pt. Font, nothing special, just a sentence about the card, inferring that you should already know about this card if you can get one. Clearly a large advertisement is not needed for this card. The exclusivity is shown by the card almost being invisible on the page, and that there is hardly any information, making it clear that this card is for exceptional people, and that they already have one. This advertisement is directed towards very wealthy people, and targets a small, prestigious audience.


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