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Discourse Communities

October 27, 2011

Intertextuality is the principle that all writing and speech, indeed, all signs, arise from a single network. The creative writer is the creative borrower. A discourse community is a group of individuals bound by a common interest who communicate through approved channels and whose discourse is regulated.

Everything we write is essentially plagiarism. We are just rearranging words that people before us have already put together.

I belong to a bunch of discourse communities. One of the broader ones being the UCF community. I also belong to the UCF freshman community. And in that community there is a facebook group, and I belong to that group as well. I am part of the Lake Claire community also. In all of these discourse communities there are certain words that outsiders would not know, like the “MALL”, or “intellikey”, or maybe even just “Knight”. I am also a part of the Speier family.

Back in high school I was part of the robotics club. I was also part of the Chinese club, and the Chinese national honors society. We had to only speak chinese while participating in events, or just hanging out in the club.

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity is another discourse community I am a part of. The discourse is constrained by rank. I am a pledge, I speak when spoken to, and I have almost no rights. Once I become initiated then I acquire all the rights of a brother. In the fraternity there is a Grand Master, a Grand Procurator, a Grand Master of Ceremonies, a Grand Treasurer, and A Grand Scribe. They are on the executive committee, and are (technically) above all of the other brothers. As Leitch says “a speaker must be ‘qualified’ to talk.” Also, the uninitiated have no idea about all of the secret sayings and signs, and everything, so they are not in the discourse community. In order to be in the discourse community, one would have to be initiated. As a pledge, I am a part of the “pledge” discourse community, and maybe ¼ of the fraternity discourse community, but will be 100% after initiation. Its a complicated situation, but I know Dr. Holic understands it.


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