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Intertextuality video

October 27, 2011

^^Watch the whole video, its actually pretty funny

Intertextuality is the principle that all writing and speech, indeed, all signs, arise from a single network. This video is a perfect example of intertextuality. Most of the dialog consists of songs that were obviously not written by them. All of the songs are popular, and the audience will most likely understand the reference. Although it is not text that is being reworded, or just taken, it is songs. The songs are only taken in little pieces, and it is kind of like plagiarism, like intertextuality is like plagiarism. This video reaches (I guess) the high school discourse community, and the music community, mainly the mainstream music community. The mashup of all the songs creates a (somewhat) story. It is just like any intertextual writing, but in song form.

As Porter says, “By identifying and stressing the intertextual nature of discourse, however, we shift out attention away from the writer as an individual and focus more in the sources and social contexts from which the writer’s discourse arises.” The actual story is not really given any attention, but the songs, which they did not create are. We focus our attention on the songs, or the “intertextual nature” of the story/video.


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